Introduced in conjunction with Android 9.0, the highly anticipated new Google feature digital wellbeing is made available on Android One devices with Android 9.0 installed. Google has finally launched its digital balance, one of the features developed to reduce the use of a phone that becomes addictive. Unlike IOS, on Android devices, the feature that needs to be downloaded first is then available from the Settings menu. For now, the feature that opens to all Pixel models installed on Android 9.0 is also available for Android One devices. The feature will become available on all devices with the update. After you receive the Android 9.0 update, you can download the app.

Google stepped up to Smartphone Addiction

The new feature reveals your digital media habits. You can see how often you use the app in the interface. How many notifications you receive per day, how often you check your phone, and so on. It’s also possible to take measures to reduce addiction. With the daily application scheduler, it is possible to reduce the use of smart phones by timing application usage. You can also limit device usage with different solutions, such as low-light feature, do not disturb mode. Let’s remind you that the feature is still in the beta version. If you have already registered the current beta version, all you need to do is update the app.