Snapchat came to exist with AR effects for cameras and face filters at our mobile devices. Now, we will see those features at Snap camera app getting out as Snapchat desktop app.

Snapchat Desktop App Snap Camera was announced!

Snapchat has started to lose its fame with some social media platforms’ (like Instagram, Facebook) own interactive filter features just like in Snapchat.

The company trying to regain its previous user group and catch the popularity by creating a new user group announced the Snap Camera!

Snap Camera app was designed as desktop app which you can install to your computer by downloading from Mac and Windows.

It is easy to use, just after the app installed it is synchronised with your computer’s Web camera. You can use it on record YouTube videos, some popular video talk platforms like Skype or Google Hangouts and even at Twitch while you are airing on it.

Users will not get just rainbow filters made by Snapchat. They will also use any filters offered by content creators from Filter Studio.

So, do you think the company gain its popularity again by this new app?