YouTube MP3 conversion methods are quite useful

There are lots of music, podcast, or a variety of content on YouTube, which is the most popular video monitoring website. So, how do we find the ways of YouTube MP3 Conversion

YouTube is the most popular platform where music video clips are shared. Most of the time, we like to have the MP3 format of the music that we watch as a video clip on our devices.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3?

There are different ways to convert videos from YouTube to MP3. You can download an application to your computer, use a browser extension, or directly convert with the assistance of websites for YouTube MP3 conversion. There are different kinds of programs or extensions to download music or video clips in MP3 format from YouTube. We listed all those options for you. 

YouTube MP3 Conversion by a Program

One of the best programs to convert YouTube MP3 is Free YouTube to MP3 Converter developed by Video Soft. To use Free YouTube to MP3 Converter program, we need to download the program from the link that we shared below to our computer.

Click here to download Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 

After downloading the program to our computer, we open it. Then, we need to copy the link of the video that we convert from YouTube.

After that, by returning the program we click the ‘’pass’’ button, which is on the bottom. Lastly, by clicking the ‘’Download’’ button from the bottom right the conversion process will be complete. 

YouTube MP3 Conversion by Browser Extension

First of all, we load the necessary extension to our Mozilla Firefox browser from the link below. Since the extension is not available at Chrome Store, it can’t be used at Chrome.

 Click for Firefox extension to YouTube MP3 Conversion

After that, open a video on YouTube by Firefox and click the ‘’YTMP3 – Download as MP3’’, which is under the video. Finally, we complete the  process by clicking the ‘’Download’’ option in the blue section on the opened tab.

YouTube MP3 Conversion with Websites

First of all, choose a video on YouTube and copy the link it for YouTube MP3 conversion by the internet.

Then, click the link below, paste it to the place receiving a link and click the ‘’Convert the video’’ button.

Click for YouTube MP3 Conversion

Finally, complete the YouTube MP3 process by clicking the ‘’Download’’ option, which has a blue color.

Since you mostly need to copy and paste the link on YouTube MP3 for the conversion, you may choose the conversion process by websites, in case the videos are shorter than 20 minutes. However, you will have to use the program when you convert the longer videos.

You can also use that web site by copying any YouTube link and download them in various formats. Besides, it is possible to arrange the starting and finishing time of the video.

  • Copy the link from any YouTube video and paste it to the link place.
  • Then choose the video that you want to convert.
  • Click the continue button on the bottom
  • You can change the title of or arrange the starting and finishing time of the video if you want. 
  • Click the start button.
  • The video will be converted, and you can download it. 

Click here to reach the web site 


Enter the web site from the link and paste the link from the video that you want to convert to the link bar. Click the ‘’off’’ button. When the process is completed, by clicking right to the ‘Save link as…’ button to choose the ‘’save as’’ option. You can choose a file like MP3 to save to any folder you wish. That means your music will be ready.


This web site, which is known as online YouTube conversion, has the same MP3 conversion method. When you reach the website by clicking here http://keepvid.comyou paste the YouTube link to the link line. After clicking the Download button, you can see the field formats and quality options. You can choose and download any one you want.

As a reminder, since those websites are third party creation, they might lead you to different websites. We recommend you to be careful about that.


Which method do you use for the YouTube MP3 Conversion process? Please comment below

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