Known as the most popular social media platform Facebook has lots of videos, even if it is not as many as in YouTube. So, how can we download videos from Facebook without using any program or extension? Here it is the easiest way of downloading video from Facebook. Even though there is not ‘’Download Facebook Video’’ option, we are mentioning about the most useful way for you.

Downloading Facebook Video without Extension / Download Facebook Video

1st Step: Firstly we find a video from Facebook to download it.

2nd Step: Then, click the play video and by clicking the right on the video again we choose the ‘’Show video URL’’. We need to copy the URL from here.

3rd Step: By reaching address bar on our internet browser, we change ‘’www’’ extension with ‘’mbasic’’

4th Step: Lastly, we replay the video and by clicking right on it choose the ‘’Save as Video’’ option and download the video.

It’s that easy downloading without any program or extension!

How do you download Facebook videos? Please leave in a comment.