It has been a year since we heard rumours about AR Glasses. We know that Apple working on AR headset for years. But, Apple is one of the giant companies working on VR headset. That’s why   reports on Apple’s  plans for 2020 begun to be published.

Apple was also said to introduce a virtual reality glasses in the September 2017. Indeed, it did not happen and expectations have failed. Apple has remained weaker than its competitors about its works to win the voice of computing wars. If this report is true, Apple can leave behind its competitors. TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi announced that Apple would introduce its own set of AR headset in mid- 2020 years. Apple is planning to have headset that we never seen before. Apple has not told any statement about its plans.

Apple’s AR glasses will be independent of all device. So it will have its own processor, image processing unit and an IOS like operating system. This name of operating system is called rOS.

Generally, Apple wants to do insane  inventions. AR is one of them. We expect to see developments about AR in the future.