Huawei Watch GT


As a final result, Watch GT becomes very successful smart watch with its elegant design, very bright screen of its and its huge battery capacity and longer use of time performance. We did not encounter with any problem with its working performance while we were using it. The applications of Watch GT such as Fitness App, Heartbeat Sensor, Sleeping Analyzes and GPS worked very smooth and properly. However as we talked before, there are some itch limitations which caused by operating system itself, so some of these functions fail the class. However these problems are can be restored with updates so easily. In that way, we assume that these problems will be solved by Huawei from now on.

Talking about the price, The price is set at £199 in the UK (about $230, AU$320), but that’s already been discounted by a number of retailers – we’ve seen the price hit as low as £159, even though the watch was only released in November 2018. For that reason, we’d recommend shopping around. You can buy the Huawei Watch GT from a variety of retailers in the UK. We currently don’t expect it to launch in the US or Australia, although that may change with time.

Looking through these point of view it has affordable price since its a really new model. As you know Galaxy Watch is about 450$ which is prominently more expensive than this model. On the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 4 is higher than 600$ which relatively much more expensive than this model.

At this point, users who have budget under 300$ and still wants to buy a smart watch with beautiful looking, may consider buying Watch GT.

Who should buy the new Huawei GT Watch?

If you are looking for a smart watch with a beautiful and elegant design, besides from that if you are looking for a smart watch with longer usage times you can humbly buy the Huawei Watch GT with all of your hearth.

You don’t need to recharge this beauty for a month! Here is the review of Huawei Watch GT with all details.

Huawei continues to its success path by adding new features day by day on their smart watches and smart wristbands from the beginning. We all know that, Huawei introduces newer models of these smart watches every year and gifts us these successful smart watches. However they opened a new path with the Huawei Watch GT, by using Android Wear O.S. to their primary operating system on their smart watches. So, did they become successful with this decision? We will talk about those points which we need to know about Huawei Watch GT later.

Firstly, let’s start with saying this. There are currently two models of Huawei Watch GT; classic and sport model. We have the classic model at the model. There is no huge difference between these two models, classic one comes with silver coating and skin strap on it. Of course there is a difference about their prices. You can buy the classic model of Watch GT for about 260$ on the market. On the other hand, the price of the sports model of Watch GT is considerably lesser compared to classic model which is about 230$ on the market.

How about the design of Huawei Watch GT?

Let’s review this new Huawei Watch GT with is design and physical features. The smart watch which we have now is a classic model which has skin plate belt and classical design aspects. It is also very lightweight compared to other models on the market. It weighs only 46 gram and it is lighter about 20 grams compared to Samsung Galaxy Watch. On the other hand, it is important to say that it is thinner about 3 mm compared to Galaxy Watch with its 10 mm thickness. At this point, it is not very important to thickness or weight of these smart watches to be honest. As you expect, users like these differences because of their preferences.

The screen of this smart watch is about 1.39 “inch sized. Furthermore, it allows users to experience with perfect brightness with is AMOLED panels under the screen. On the other hand it has 454×454 pixel resolution and 326 ppi of pixel density levels.

There are two individual button on the Watch GT. One of these allows users to access main menu and the other is used for powering the screen itself. On the other hand you can activate your smart watch with moving your wrist. However you can change it inversely if you don’t want to use it though.

Other specifications of Huawei Watch GT

Of course it has touch screen and you can touch it whenever you want however it is not possible to use it by turning the bezel.

It is important to say that if you are one of the user who is fond of the using Classical Model of Watch GT and having worries while exercising, you do not need to worry about it. The inner plate of the belt is made of silicon materials. With that, you can enjoy using this model while going to GYM.

As a final words it is important to imply that you can dive the sea up to 50 meters with using these watch, thanks to its IPS 68 support. Now let’s continue to talk about the performance issues of Watch GT.

What are the main features and hardware of Huawei Watch GT?

As you know Huawei used Android Wear as a basic interface and operating system. However they have changed this policy with new Watch GT and they used their own OS as a primary interface. These OS is called as LiteOS, with this movement we can humbly say that Huawei is following the path of Samsung about O.S. and interface. If you remember, Samsung has tried Android Wear OS on their smart watches, however after some time have insisted on using their own O.S. on their smart watches. As final result, they have won that match, because they offer richer features and experiences with their new O.S. compared to older smart watch model of Samsung. It seems that Huawei will act like this with LiteOS.

Yes, for these times, the operating system of Watch GT which is called LiteOS is a little bit limited. There is no support and allowance for third party applications. Besides there is no huge clock interface in it. For this moment, there are only a dozen of clock themes on the interface. However according the sources from Huawei, there is an update coming for this issue with a small time being. Because, it is a very important issue for a smart watch.

By the way it is very important to say immediately. Users who are going to buy this smart watch, they may face with some options for sync applications, however these may result for them a time loss. It is impossible to match the device with Huawei Wear or Android Wear applications, you need to use Huawei Health application directly and you can control it with that. In order to correct match with your smart phone, you must update the software. With updating it, Watch GT takes place on the list of this application. After that, you can finish the sync the smartwatch and take a full control on it.

There are several options for your smart watch on Huawei Health application. For example TruSleep which helps you to trace your sleeping time properly, or weather reports and setting the notifications on the screen with it.

Application Support and Matching

There is huge support for health application in the smart watch. It even helps you to work properly and actively while jogging, running, walking, climbing, cycling, and swimming on either a pool or ocean and doing general fitness activities. It becomes a coach for you, sort of. Of course it sends these results to your phone so you can follow the results on the Huawei Health application.

By the way, there is a huge problem for Watch GT which is you can’t a make a phone call with your Watch GT. Yes, you can trace the calls on the screen of Watch GT however it is impossible to answer them except from declining them. So there are no options for users such as making or answering the calls through your smart watch or accessing your phone book with it at this time being.

The most important advantages of Watch GT is, it does not differ the smart phones with their OS. That means, you can match your smart watch with a Huawei phone or IPhone it does not matter at all. However it supports only the versions which are above Android 4.4 and IOS 9.0, so forget about using this smart watch with your old phones.

What about the battery of Huawei Watch GT?

As a final words, let’s talk about the most importing issue of Huawei Watch GT, the battery of it. We have mentioned before, this smart watch designed for longer usages. There is a proof of it from us, we can only use the 25% of the batter for using a week. It is very important and huge difference compared to other models that you need to recharge it every day. It seems we can only dry the juice of the battery completely, a month later. Of course the main reason of this battery saving thing is related with its screen. As we mentioned, the screen lightens only using of the smart watch.

By the way, there is a wireless charge pad and fast charge adapter comes within the box of Huawei Watch GT and you can recharge your device completely within a day.