Apple’s USB-C-Lightning charging cables will arrive sooner than expected

Apple may announce the next generation of USB-C Lightning charging cables earlier than expected.  China-based Chargerlab specializing in batteries; Within 6 weeks, Apple announced that it will deliver the materials needed to produce the USB-C-Lightning charging cables. Previously, rumors were that the next generation of USB-C-Lightning Chargers would not arrive before the first half of 2019.


The prices of standard lightning cables will begin to fall in the coming weeks, while the third party producers will have a huge increase in the production and sale of USB-C-Lightning (one-end USB-C Lightning) cables. This method will allow those who want to recharge their devices (their iPhone) faster, to use Apple’s larger adapters.


At the beginning, the price of the USB-C-Lightning charging cable will be expensive, but in the future, we expect prices to fall to the level of normal charging cables. Users are expected to obtain the USB-C-Lightning charging cables from third party companies that will remove them before Apple.