OnePlus Buds has been finally announced. The highly anticipated wireless headset was announced with the company’s tweet on Twitter.

OnePlus Buds will be introduced together with Nord!

Wireless headphones, which have increased in use recently and caused a new competition among companies, continue to welcome users with new versions. OnePlus company also decided to participate in this race. The announcement of the headset, which was previously revealed and whose name was not officially known, was made. The company announced the OnePlus Buds headphone with the sharing it made on its Twitter account. On the other hand, it was learned that the device will be introduced through the event to be held with OnePlus Nord on July 21.

While the fans were happy to be announced at the end of the headset, the details of which have been expected for a long time, not enough information has yet been revealed on some issues. While the device is thought to be similar to Apple AirPods headphones, it is claimed that the headset will come with a silicone structure and have its own design. On the other hand, the first images from the OnePlus Nord device to be introduced at the launch were shared by the company. In the image, which is part of the back of the phone with gray color, it is written that the device will be gifted to the first ten people. However, a detailed information about which top ten people it is has not been determined yet.