Samsung Q7FN QLED TV


Samsung Q7FN QLED TV is really successful model with its design aspects and screen. It is obvious that this gorgeous TV will be favorite of yours thanks to its minimalist design aspect and its screen performance.

Who should buy it?

Users who wants to get high-end and modern smart television will be very pleased with Samsung Q7FN QLED TV. They will have a great television which they can use for longer time periods by preferring this television.

We have Q7FN QLED TV which is a newest member of Samsung’s 2018 QLED Television Family. So what is the quality of this TV? Let’s look into to details of it.

2017 QLED TV’s of Samsung were an amazing showcase which was displayed how successful of 4K HDR TV’s. After introducing amazing TV models, Samsung released QLED TV’s on 2018 as you expected. Today we are going to reveal the secrets of 55” Q7FN QLED TV which is newest member of this family in all of its details.

2018 Q7F QLED 4K TV models of Samsung comes with 3 different screen sizes. At this point, we have 55” version of it but users may prefer 65” and 75” sized screens as well if they want bigger and huge screen sized TV’s in their home. Of course enlarging screens mean much better capabilities which attracts user more. As you expected, our hearts with the model which has 75” sized screen.

We also going to talk about the specifications of Q7FN QLED TV of Samsung, but before that let’s look closer in to the design aspects of it. Although we will talk about its design we also talk about some of most important specifications of Samsung Q7FN QLED TV as well.

Design Aspects of Samsung Q7FN QLED TV

This TV model of Samsung doesn’t have curved screen. If you remember, Samsung 55NU8500 has this curved screen design, don’t worry we will also talk about that TV in the near future. At this point we face with non-curved screen and display panels.

With this model, we can humbly say that Samsung adapted this new frameless screen on Samsung Q7FN QLED TV, with that design shape Samsung removes the boring borders of frames too. Thanks to its frameless design, we felt watching our favorite TV show on much bigger screen compared to other 55” sized TV’s. The minimalist design aspect of Samsung Q7FN QLED TV, not only reveals itself with its frameless design but also its stylish stand. Furthermore, you can even change this stand on your style preferences and your thoughts. There are 2 modern options for this stand, these are Gravity Stand and Studio Stand. Of course you can hang your TV on the wall. With these options, you use Samsung Q7FN QLED TV either as a regular TV or as a table as well. Because there is no space between TV and wall; that means you can hang your TV on wall nearly with a mm.

So, where are the ports of Samsung Q7FN QLED TV? Well, there is an amazing feature revealed on Samsung TV’s nowadays. We face with a box which we can call it as a Smart Box which is named One Connect.

All of the ports of TV has been located on the One Connect device which allows users to use it as ports. There is only one port has been located on back side of the TV, and it was designed as nearly invisible. With that all, it prevents to ugly looking of traditional cable mess behind of the TV and located all of them on a box. This one is the first pro of One Connect. The second PRO of it reveals itself at practice stage. Because you don’t need to find an additional port when you want to plug another device to behind of TV thanks to this One Connect. It is obvious that it is really hard to find the right hole when you hang your TV on the wall.

There are four HDMI ports, three USB ports, Composite Ports, An Ethernet Port and other ports located on the One Connect. Thanks to this port, you can plug your devices on the box instead of back side of your TV with an external connection box. With that you can plug whatever device you have so easily and practically.

Features of Samsung Q7FN QLED TV

Let’s talk about the screen and display panel features of Samsung Q7FN QLED TV. As you expected, it has a panel which can produce 4K UHD visuals so easily. Coming with a 55” sized screen and HDR 10+ support, Samsung Q7FN QLED TV makes its most important difference with its QLED Panels. Because QLED TV’s has much greater lifespan compared to OLED TV’s.

So what is the QLED TV?

Let’s explain it basically. QLED panels technically have diodes have reveals inorganic quantum lights however main difference from OLED panels is they do not produce light from on they own. Instead of this, they illuminated with an external light source just like LCD TV’s. So basically you might think of QLED technology as a filter with colored quantum dots in front of LCD backlight source. With that it, QLED TV’s comes with high performance features. In addition to this, they have more lifespan than regular OLED panels.

Samsung makes an important claim by improvising the longer lifespan by restraining screen burnt and ghost screen problems. As you know, Screen Burnt and Ghost Screen is a really important problem for TV’s and other kind of devices comes with a screen and with that problem you might not use your device properly. Samsung highlights that with this QLED TV, these problems will not occur never ever on your TV’s.

There is a Q Motor Processor In her heart.

After talking about the QLED technology and design aspects, we can talk about the Q Motor Processor which is basically heart of this TV and Operating System of Samsung Q7FN QLED TV. We all know the consequences and its offers to users came from Artificial Intelligence which is heavily used on smart screens and photographing.  As you know, Artificial Intelligence analyzes all of the background of a photo and optimizes the condition till complete perfection while capturing photos on automatic mode. With Q Motor Processor, Samsung Q7FN QLED TV does the similar purpose of AI’s in our smart phones. With that feature, Q7FN QLED TV detects the every scene of you are watching and analyzes it within milliseconds  after that it transforms the image with better color, contrast and details. We can humbly Say that this process sounds very attractive technically, but it is also attractive while practical usage.

As we remember from other Samsung TV’s, there is also Tizen Operating System preinstalled with Q7FN QLED TV. With that OS Samsung Q7FN QLED TV allows users to use their TV very practical and easy way. We can especially say that the interface control speed is very fluid and fast. You can test it by comparing with other models in a store on your own.

By the way it has beautiful and practical remote controller in the box of the TV. After talking about the remote controller, Bixby support also comes with Q7FN QLED TV and with it you can use your virtual assistant of Samsung on your TV as well. On the other hand, there are also several service integrations and smart features of this TV. For example, you can easily, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Spotify and other kind of service options on your TV as well.