The Energy Brands brand  owned by Coca Cola  will award 100,000 dollars to someone who has not used her\his  smartphone for 365 days.

Let’s be honest: it is very possible that you are reading these lines through your smartphone’s browser or through the Webtekno app.  You could have taken your phone with you when you went to the bathroom like you woke up. You may even fall asleep with a podcast or broadcast by placing your phone under the pillow before you sleep.

So how long can you stay away from these routines?  One day?  A week?  How about 365 days? Witamine Water gave the start of a full 100,000 contest this week with a Twitter page.

Competition conditions

  • First, you can tag ‘ vitaminwater ‘ from your Twitter or Instagram account and tell them why you want to enter a year smartphon ediet.
  • You must add #nophoneforayear and  #contesthastags to these posts.
  • January 8, 2019 deadline for the contest. You must have forwarded your shipments by this date.
  • You are likely to participate in the competition with 4 different ideas on Twitter and Instagram.

Of course, the most important question that comes to mind ishow witaminwater is going to watch a winning competitor like a spy for a year. However,it is possible that the whole competition process is just posts and that there mainder is a mise en scene. Although it’s 100,000, not necessarily my phone! It is a mystery.