Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review


Yes, we have finally reached our result title after really, really long review! Actually, it’s unnecessary prolong the results. Because new Galaxy Note 9 became really successful smart phone. It is obviously clear that Samsung continuing to add new features to previous device Galaxy Note 8, and add other little features to Galaxy S9+ as well. Of course it is important to remind S Pen as well which is exclusive for Galaxy Note series. There are different features came to S Pen as well.

We can humbly say that, we really like this smart phone due to its large and colorful screen, high-end performance capabilities and importantly its good battery life. On the other hand coming with DeX support with additional HDMI cable this feature is very important to us.

As you expected, like other different good things Galaxy Note 9 is really expensive device. However there is nothing to say about its price thanks to its features. On the other hand it is really pleasing that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is cheaper than IPhone X which was introduced last year. However it is obvious that Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most expensive device on Android market. You can get brand new Galaxy Note 9 with 128 GB storage for $888.99 however in order to get 512 GB version of this smart phone you need to pay almost $1,300.00 to Samsung. In this way it is obvious that Galaxy Note 9 would not bought by many customers.

Of course at this point, it’s your own free will.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and S Pen
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and S Pen

Who should buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 becomes very interesting smart phone thanks to its S Pen which appeals to large mass of users. However Samsung Galaxy Note 9 becomes a favorite for users who prefers an innovative and successful smart phone with its performance abilities and environmental features.

We are going to reveal everything you need to know about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in this review.

As you know Samsung Galaxy Note 9 follows the path of its processor Galaxy Note 8 and we have been following the news since Note 8 was introduced. Finally Note 9 is in our hands and we will talk about the all features, what it offers to users of Galaxy Note 9. We also talk about differences between previous models and other models of its segment of Galaxy Note 9 with its all details. It will be really long review to be honest. Because as you expected Galaxy Note 9 is very expensive and a presentative of Samsung’s Flagship model Smart Phones. So we will talk about all of the features Note 9 presents. We’ll start if you are ready!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Two favorite different colors of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

What are the most important features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Samsung introduced brand new smart phone with Galaxy Note 9. As we see on other devices on Note Series, Samsung brought new few features to this member of Note family compared to other devices on Note series. However we also see some touches from S series which is another flagship series of Samsung. So we can simply say that, Galaxy Note 9 is a modified version of Galaxy S9+ with an additional S Pen. But what are the most important features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Let’s look quickly to answers of this question…

Coming with two different options, Galaxy Note 9 have 128 GB storage capacity and 6 GB RAM which is the same model we have in our hands however you can get another version with 512 GB storage capacity and 8 GB RAM as well. By the way it is important to note that if you decide to buy 512 GB storage capacity model you can also increase this level up to 1 TB with and additional microSD card with 512 GB. Of course it is also important that this model comes with 8 GB RAM capacity which can be considered really huge among other smart phones.

Samsung offers the largest screen size with newest Galaxy Note 9, which has got 6.4” sized screen. By the way they have enlarged the batter size to 4000 mAh compared to Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

As we are acquainted with Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy Note 9 comes with double diaphragm technology. In addition to these Galaxy Note 9 come with two cameras each of them have 12 MP resolution and this device has AR Emoji support. Also, Galaxy Note 9 is able to capture 960 FPS with slow motion videos. Of course we could face with Artificial Intelligence with camera interface.

If you ask that what is the most important thing in Note Series smart phone? The answer would be absolutely S Pen. Samsung added other kind of features to Note 9‘s S Pen compared to Galaxy Note 8. With this new S Pen you can use your S Pen as a remote controller of your phone thanks to its Bluetooth support. This feature might be really interesting to some of users.

As final words, there is a stereo speaker within Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and other newer technological design features such as liquid-carbonite cooling system in order to prevent heating due to long hours of gaming experience and getting better performances. Now let’s start again, and look into details of Galaxy Note 9 step by step.

 What has changed with the design of Galaxy Note 9?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9, becomes really elegant model thanks to its design aspects. Besides, it is really big smart phone of course. Coming with really large 6.4” sized screen, Galaxy Note 9 does not bring much differences compared to Galaxy Note 8. It is really difficult to distinguish between Galaxy Note 8 and 9 while looking in front of them.

Looking back of the device, we can see that biggest difference came with camera shape and its design. As you can see Samsung replaced the fingerprint sensor under the camera, which is also very easy to access. On the other hand, distance between cameras and fingerprint sensor prevents users to pollute Note 9’s cameras. If you remember, many users has argued about place of fingerprint sensor since Galaxy S8 came out to the market. Finally Samsung changes its policy about fingerprint sensor placement starting with Galaxy S8 and as you can see they have followed this path with Galaxy Note 9. By the way, Samsung keeps their main idea for this argument for Galaxy S10 obviously. Because we will probably see an integrated fingerprint sensor under the screen on Galaxy S10 in the future.

Comparing with S series’ smart phones, we can see that Samsung continues to keep their chiselled design with Note 9. Coming with similar design aspects, S9 + make difference with its rounded shape of design aspects.

There is not any kind of notch on Galaxy Note 9. As we all know the Notch design becomes a trend nowadays among the smart phone market. However in contrast to other models such as Huawei P20, Huawei P20 Pro, IPhone X, Xiaomi Mi 8 and LG G7 ThinQ, Samsung did not prefer any notch on Galaxy Note 9 model.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with 3 different color options, these are Midnight Black, Lavender Purple, Ocean Blue and Metallic Copper colors. Actually we really like all of the color options. However Ocean Blue became favorite of us of course coming with yellow S Pen have a great influence to this decision. With this color option, Samsung make a contrast between S Pen and Galaxy Note 9 itself. In our opinion, it became very elegant smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Color Options of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Let’s talk about the height and weight of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This smart phone is little bit shorter and little bit wider compared to its previous model Note 8. It has 161.9 mm height and 76.4 mm width sizes. On the other hand Galaxy Note 9 is little bit thicker than Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note 8 with 8.8 mm thickness. However it is really difficult to distinguish this difference thanks to Galaxy Note 9’s curved to edges design style.

In our opinion Galaxy Note 9 looks very elegant smart phone. However it would be absurd, if we say there are big differences compared to Galaxy Note 8. The side frames made with metallic materials again, however we can see that Galaxy Note 9 have matte color on sides.

Of course Galaxy Note 9 is waterproof. This smart phone comes with IP68 certificate which means it is waterproof under 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes. By the way, even if unplugged from phone S Pen has got same waterproof aspects just like Note 9 itself.

Let’s look at the buttons and ports of Galaxy Note 9 and continue with screen features. You can face with a microSD card port and SIM card port at the upside of the device. We also see voice buttons and Bixby button at the left side of the device. On the right side you face with a power button. At the underside of the device you face with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB-C Port, Speaker porthole and S Pen hole.

How about Galaxy Note 9 screen and display features?

Yes, Galaxy Note 9 becomes the largest phone with its screen which were produced by Samsung. Having a 6.4” sized screen, Galaxy Note 9 continues its legacy with its resolution. We face with a 1440×2960 pixel resolution display again. However this makes Note 9’s ppi level up to 5 points compared to Galaxy Note 8. (Galaxy Note 8 have 521 ppi pixel density although Galaxy Note 9 have 516 ppi pixel density) However we see that Galaxy S9 Plus comes with 529 ppi pixel density level. By the way, P20 Pro comes with 408 ppi, IPhone 8 plus have 401 ppi and LG G7 ThinQ have 565 ppi pixel density level which is highest among the others (thanks to its 1440×3120 pixel resolution display).

Of course brightness nit value of the screen is really important criteria. As you now, LG G7 ThinQ which is one of the newest smart phone on the market can reach up to 1000 nit brightness value thanks to its super bright screen. In this way, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is really assertive about this point. Galaxy Note 9 can produce almost 1000 nit value; so it is very promising. So you will be very pleased whether buying Galaxy Note 9 or LG G7 ThinQ. It would be no problem for using under the direct sun light.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is on hands

Of course Galaxy Note 9 comes with Super AMOLED display. Samsung have been using this display panel for a long time and it looks very successful with it. Being compatible with HDR10, this display can comprise %224 percent of SRGB color gamut. With this point, it shows better performance than just previous devices, besides shows better performance than IPhone XS and XS Max.

By the way, Samsung of course has used Infinity Display on Galaxy Note 9 again. The weight to height ratio of Galaxy Note 9 is 18.5:9 and the screen protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. But there is an also important detail about this smart phone; Galaxy Note 9 has become the largest screen smartphone produced by Samsung. Enlarging the screen to body ratio up to %83.4 percent, Samsung has increased the depleted imagining.

So, to be honest: You will be really pleased with Galaxy Note 9’s screen whatever you watch. In our opinion, using applications especially Netflix and other kind of applications of online movie and T.V. shows are will be great with Galaxy Note 9 which will enlarge the time amount of smart phone usage. Of course it would be wise to add mobile games to this category. Galaxy Note 9 is really powerful smart phone and with its amazing display features you will be very pleased with playing games on Galaxy Note 9.

Let’s close the screen case of Galaxy Note 9. But before doing that and talking about Galaxy Note 9’s operating system and its performance capabilities, it is important to say that; Although Galaxy Note 9 is able to support WQHD+, Note 9 comes with Full HD+ at first start up. You can change this issue with the screen settings to WQHD+ from HD+. Of course there is Always On feature comes with Galaxy Note 9.

What are the details of Galaxy Note 9’s Operating System?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Main Menu of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Yes, Galaxy Note 8 has come with Android 7.1.1 Nougat; however Galaxy Note 9 comes with Android 8.1 Oreo operating system. It is possible to update Note 8’s Android version to Android 8, on the other hand it is possible to update Note 9’s Android version to Android 9.0 Pie version. The device uses Samsung Experience 9.5 as an interface. Samsung continues to create more practical usage experience with Experience 9.5.  On the other hand this interface gives users to some practicalities such as Game Launcher support which we know from previous models and application exchange between the displays. In addition to these features you will display more information while holding your finger on an app which was also used with Galaxy S9+

Of course another important difference of Note series interface is Edge application screen. You can reach your favorite applications, contacts or even widgets with this screen. However most of the users have adapted these differences through the time. And you can also use App Pair feature on Galaxy Note 9 which introduced with Galaxy Note 8. This feature enables users to open two applications at the same time on split screen.

By the way, there are some improvements about Navigation Bar of Galaxy Note 9. You can change access the settings of Navigation Bar by double clicking on it, change to color of it or hide it while using with any application.

How Bixby works on Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Bixby

Of course Virtual Assistants will be very helpful for our daily works in the future however they are still at learning phase and they need to access multiple language capabilities. Developing its own Virtual Assistant Bixby for a time, Samsung has brought Bixby to Galaxy Note 9 as well.

You can access to Bixby pressing a button placed on the left side of the device besides to that you can also access with saying “Hi, Bixby”. For first usage you need to learn how to use Bixby from training page and you have say “Hib, Bixby” for five times. After that Bixby tells the newest changes about itself with different pages.

There are some changes and improvements about Bixby on usage and interface. Of course you will discover these changes by using it. For example our favorite improvement is creating fast commands on Bixby. On the other hand there are some existing fast commands listed as favorites. Such as if you say “Good Night” before sleeping, Bixby sets the phone in quiet mode and creates an alarm for 08.00 A.M. to next morning and deactivates Always on Screen mode etc. Of course you can personalize these process for your opinion.

You can also change the voice of Bixby if you want. You can use it as Julia, Stephanie or John. However there are some lacks of language supports as we noticed.

As we noticed through the time we spend with Bixby, this virtual assistant is really good at handling basic commands. For example, it can tell the weather if you ask, open the camera if you command and let you access to the setting menu. Also it helps you to how to continue when incoming pages. So you can give some new commands. However sometime Bixby have difficulties to understanding the user, there are some improvements are necessary about this. However we can humbly say that Bixby has changed a lot and it is far better than previous models.

By the way it’s important to say that; you can give commands to Bixby even if screen is locked up. However it denies your commands about unlocking the screen but it can still open the camera for you or answers questions about weather.

Of course other important thing about the Bixby is Bixby Home. You can access it swiping right through the screen. With this you can access to application cards easily, so you can access all the information you need with this screen as well.

By the way we will talk about the performance and battery life of Samsung Galaxy Note 9! Do not forget to follow us.