Google announces the best Android Games and apps of 2018

Google is the owner of the Android operating system. In the past few weeks, it started a vote on the best games and practices of 2018. The vote has finally resulted.  And the best practices and games of the year have been announced.

google play

Google announces the best Android apps for 2018. Among the publicly voted applications, Drops was voted the best application of 2018. Thanks to the Drops, users could learn more than 30 languages in a good way via their smartphone. In addition, Spotify was the most popular app as a result of the public voting.

“These applications are not for  “Kill time “. But rather to assess the time in the best way. It will make you laugh, bring out your creative side, or have a good time on the road.”  Live photo and animation app defined as Vimage. It was chosen as the most entertaining application of 2018.

When we look at the category of games. We see PUBG Mobile waving the lists. The best game of 2018, the people’s favorite game and the most competitive game categories, PUBG Mobile, does not leave the summit to anyone. At the top of the list of the most fun games is the Sims mobile. If we met PUBG Mobile here, it wouldn’t be a big surprise.

2018 Play Store Best app

Drops -Imagine that learning words can be an adrenaline filled game instead of customary, boring memorization. That’s Drops: removes the word “boring ” from language learning. It enters your memory through useful words, spectacular minimalist illustrations and fast micro-games. Fun side? It only takes five minutes a day. In fact, this is all the time you took! Is it crazy? Yes. Does it work? Definitely!

2018 Play Store is the public favorite app

Spotify-Spotify is now free on mobile phones and tablets. Wherever you are, you have the right music. Access the world of music with Spotify. You can listen to artists and albums  or create your own playlists of your favorite songs. Want to discover new music?  Choose one of your mood-ready playlists or get personalized suggestions.

2018 Play Store is the most fun app

Vimage -Vimage is a cinemagraf creation application that allows you to add animated effects and items to your photos and transform them into live art pieces.

2018 Play Store the best hidden treasure app

Unfold -connect photos and videos with smart templates and elegant fonts to give your social stories a stylish, responsive look.

2018 Play Store is the best personal development app

Mimo -a colorful and simple interface is the backdrop of the most accessible coding learning application we’ve ever tried. The text in the language of speech is explained in detail to help you understand concepts and not just memorize the process.

2018 Play Store is the best daily helper app

Tasty- If you like BuzzFeed’s own quick shot recipe videos, this is the app you’re looking for. Cook meals with the help of step-by-step instructions (and loop videos). Ravioli and Tiramisu have never been easier to do.


2018 Play Store The best game-the people’s favorite game-the most competitive game

PUBG Mobile -The champion is obvious, who is the second? Get into the storm that swept the world. Moreover, it is perfectly adapted for mobile devices and extremely flashy. Be the winner by underwinning the 99 opponent individually.

2018 Play Store is the most fun game

The Sims Mobile -This classic simulation game has finally been presented to mobile devices with a new look and optimized features (such as tasks and rewards). Live the life of your dreams in the virtual world, just like in the old days.

2018 Play Store is the most innovative game

Gorogoa  -Gorogoa, which has a beautiful design, requires a mind-blowing and without promises, offers its unique, unequal puzzles that players can understand. The game slowly opens your mind when you are taking into the melancholic story. It  encourages you to think in different ways.


2018 Play Store is the best independent making

Reigns: Game of Thrones – Challenge the Iron Throne for the characters Cersei Lannister or Jon Snow, using the original game’s very entertaining right or left scrolling mechanism.