Works for hotly anticipated Diablo 4 on Blizzard side is going on. The company has made a big surprise with Diablo Immortal which is also called as mobile Diablo 3 for the ones who are expectants.

The company is looking forward to take a share with Diablo Immortal at developing day by day game market.

How Mobile Diablo 3 is going to be?

Blizzard is one of the biggest companies of the game market. It is addressing to the respectable mass with Diablo and Warcraft series at RPG and Online RPG game market.

Both games of the company are dating of many years and continue to more and more RGP addicts to it day by day. The company is wishing to increase its popularity with Immortal now.

It is not known when the developed game will be published yet. But, it is quite enough to be excited about game with a shared of its playing and cinematic video. Videos shared on Blizzcon also caused excitement among Diablo fans.

Apparently to the playing video, we see that Immortal is just exactly a mobile Diablo 3 game. The way of playing will have classic Diablo features as usual looking from up and non stopping action.

Being an inspiration to many online RPG games, Diablo is preparing to change the balances with Immortal at game market.

So what do you think about Immortal? Do you think the game really give a new impulse to game marketing? We are waiting for you comments.