WhatsApp has announced WhatsApp Web version which has been used since January of 2015. Web version corresponding with WhatsApp continues its existence on İOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian S series and BlackBerry phones in different platforms. Well then, what is WhatsApp Web? How to use it?

What is WhatsApp Web?

There are three important conditions to use the app bringing WhatsApp to the desktop. The first and most important one of these is using WhatsApp app on a device having iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or Nokia S60 operating system.

How to Use WhatsApp Web?

The service giving as browser based on Windows in the beginning became as a normal Windows app after a while. You can install WhatsApp Web Windows version to your computer. Besides, there is WhatsApp Mac version. You can use WhatsApp Web Mac app without browser.

Use Current WhatsApp Version

If you don’t use the latest version of the WhatsApp, you need to update the app.

Open a Browser and Go to the WhatsApp Web Address

Open your browser and go to WhatsApp Web page. If your browser (Chrome, Opera, Mozilla) and WhatsApp version is updated, you can see your messages without downloading desktop app and resume your talking. So, how can you activate WhatsApp Web desktop app after downloading the app or when you enter in from browser?

Scanning Barcode

After go to the page, once again open your WhatsApp from your device. Go to WhatsApp>Settings part and click WhatsApp Web option. That feature works in the same way for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

When you open WhatsApp’s browser or PC app, scan the barcode by focusing on your phone’s camera to the WhatsApp Web barcode taking place in web page.

Just after scanning the barcode you can use WhatsApp with WhatsApp Web that you open from your browser.

Besides, if you want to hear notification voices from your computer, you can make an arrangement from the menu taking place next to your profile picture. At this point all of the other processes will be the same with main practice normatively.

After bought by Facebook getting up to date about accessibility issue, WhatsApp enables you to do most of your process from your computer as long as your phone is on net. Even so you shouldn’t forget that this app is an emulator. When your activity ends from your phone, your accessibility on WhatsApp desktop will be limited and you will not use it.