HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

Today, we are going to talk about our HyperX Cloud Stinger Core review. We have examined many products of HyperX so far, and if you come to me and ask what they do best, they would be my choice of headphones for peripherals. Especially the Cloud Alpha series is a highly competitive product in its class and continues its life with minor changes. The Cloud Stinger series, which makes up the company’s entry-level headsets, is the first guest on these pages with the Core model.

The outstanding feature of Cloud Stinger Core is that it is a headset that supports multi-platform and can be used on almost all consoles (PC, PS4, Switch). Accordingly, the 1.7-meter extension cable that comes with the product, combined with the 1.3-meter main cable (both plastics, no braided cables), easily fills the distance between the seat / television.

There are also mute controls for volume control and mic, although it is a little bit on the cable. Its hard-plastic body feels exceedingly high quality and as you can notice at first glance, it is structurally smaller than its older brothers. Unfortunately, the side effect of this situation is that despite the adjustable steel headphone bridge, there is not a model that will be extremely comfortable for large heads. It can squeeze so it cannot fit the head. Other than that, the fabric of the pillows protecting the 40mm drivers felt a bit irritating. Not using memory foam is acceptable for entry level. On the other hand, it is not very light, 275 grams.

Features of HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

Another thing we should mention is that despite the use of a closed-back design, the fabric ear cushions make noise escaping both inside and outside. Since it is for gaming, it is not suitable for outside listening even if it supports this.

Cloud Stinger Core Review

So how is the sound quality when listening to games and music? With a frequency range of 20hz-20Khz, Cloud Stinger Core’s performance in games is at the level you would expect from an entry-level headset. The volume control button on the cable is immensely helpful and if your expectations are not disproportionate, you will get a decent performance. It does not cause any discomfort even with long use. Music performance is poor. Although the bass ratio is high, drowning is quite common, and the treble ratio is interestingly inconsistent from song to song. Nothing abnormal, the product is an entry-level headset designed for gaming, which shouldn’t be a minus.

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The most impressive thing about Cloud Stinger Core is the performance of the Boom microphone for me. The microphone mute performance, which transmits an extremely clear sound across the field, also manages to exceed expectations. I have even attended multiple Zoom conferences with him and again achieved very positive results.

Let’s also note that the microphone could not be removed and lacked any sound or light to indicate if it was activated.