Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Samsung hasn’t been releasing any tablet with screens larger than 11 inches for a long time. On the other hand, we haven’t seen a model with a high-end Qualcomm processor for a long time. Finally, Samsung introduced such a model last August and recently launched it. The Galaxy Tab S7+ is a fairly fresh model and a device that will appeal to those looking for more than a tablet. You can use it in tablet form, convert it into a laptop computer or take advantage of the pen capability. This device thus appeals to many people. Now, let’s dig a little deeper and start exploring the Galaxy Tab S7+.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

First, we can talk about the Galaxy Tab S7+’s impressive performance. Because it includes a Snapdragon 865+ processor and the tablet has 8 GB of RAM. The tablet, which has 256 GB of storage, also supports microSD cards up to 1 TB, so you can use it like a computer. The device already has a keyboard bracket. But you have to buy it separately, the S Pen comes out of the tablet box.

Use it in Tablet Form with S Pen

The screen is too big. The Galaxy Tab S7+ is a giant 12.4-inch tablet. Thanks to its giant screen, we can say that it will be a favorite of those who are looking for a good tablet for drawing, because drawing on this screen with the S Pen will be very enjoyable.

Frankly, we haven’t tried it much because our drawing skills are not so advanced, but the precision of the pen is amazing. In addition to the ultra-low latency time that the S Pen reduces to 9ms, the screen also has a 120Hz refresh rate, so you can get the real pen experience on this screen. In the meantime, let’s say that the air control capabilities of the S Pen, which we see in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, are also on this device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Pen

When you are not using the pen, you place it in the magnetic field on the back of the tablet. There is also a pen charging here.

Samsung also offers important applications in the tablet free of charge so that illustrators can fully benefit from the Galaxy Tab S7+. In fact, Clip Studio Paint application is coming to the Android world for the first time. On the other hand, the photo and graphic design tool Canva and the Noteshelf application for taking notes are also available on the tablet.

Use it as a Laptop

If you want to use this tablet as a computer at the same time, it is also possible. You can do this very easily with the keyboard cover apparatus. The cover is made of very high-quality material and especially the stand behind it provides a very comfortable adjustment. You can fix the foot at the angle you want, so you can prepare the suitable working environment for yourself.

The keyboard part is very stable, it will give a real keyboard experience, you do not feel like a cover while typing, we liked the shower sensitivity. In addition, Samsung has enlarged the touchpad on this keyboard and introduced multi-touch feature. In this way, it provides extra comfort.


Of course, you are actively making use of the keyboard apparatus while using the tablet in DeX form. As a result of Samsung’s collaboration with Microsoft, it is possible to use Office applications close to the Windows 10 experience on your tablet. The tablet, which meets the needs of a typical laptop computer with taskbar usage, internet experience, applications and windows, and provides the operating system support where you can run the works, also provides the necessary performance with the technical staff we have just mentioned.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Gaming Performance

Of course, the performance issue also applies to games. Just because the tablet works with the Android 10 operating system, do not think that you will only play games in the Android ecosystem. You can play many games on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, including the Halo Master Chief Collection. But for this, you may need to have an Xbox controller at hand. But it must be said that his performance has to be truly appreciated.

During the time we used the Galaxy Tab S7+, we played from Fortnite to PUBG Mobile, from Tekken 7 to Forza Horizon 4 via Xbox Game Pass and we can underline that the result is very satisfactory.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ AKG Speakers

The AKG speakers on the tablet are also of the kind to increase this pleasure. Dolby Atmos powered speakers placed on 4 sides thus prepare the atmosphere by providing both quality and environmental sound.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Screen Features

The screen of the Galaxy Tab S7+ is 12.4 inches as we say. The screen with a resolution of 1752×2800 pixels has a 16:10 aspect ratio and stands out with its HDR10             + support. One of the most striking points of the Super AMOLED panel is the 120Hz screen refresh rate, which we just mentioned, and it is ideal for long-term use with its high dynamic range and eye protection mode. When you are doing business, watching movies over games and Netflix in business and entertainment times, it gives exactly what is expected.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Fingerprint Reader

There is a fingerprint reader under the screen. Thus, security measures on the tablet are not omitted. In addition to the sensor, face recognition via the camera is also available on the tablet.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Camera

Speaking of the camera, let’s take a closer look at the tablet’s cameras. Galaxy Tab S7+ has an 8 MP front camera. On the back, there is a dual camera setup. The cameras on the back are 13 MP and 5 MP, while the shots with the main camera look nice.

The main camera is 26mm wide-angle, while the second camera, 5 MP, can shoot ultra-wide-angle photos with f/2.2 aperture. The tablet also can record 4K video, while the front camera can record Full HD video, which is already enough for a tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Battery Life

So how is the Tab S7+ battery performance? The tablet has a 10090 mAh battery. This battery is particularly economical when you maximize the screen brightness. But of course, activating the 120Hz screen mode increases the power consumption a little more, which is very reasonable.

The tablet, which can take out the full day in normal use, is charged at a rate of 30 percent at 7 pm, while the battery life is shortened in more intensive use. In specific tests we have done, the tablet exhibits a 7-hour battery life after nonstop internet surfing in a use where we keep the screen brightness on average and turn on the 120 Hz screen mode. This battery life is slightly behind its competitor’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

How Long Does Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Charge?

When you leave the tablet idle, it can get about 15 hours of performance, while the battery performance can last up to 11 hours when you play a Full HD video. You can consume the battery in about 5.5 hours under load.

By the way, let’s note that the tablet does not support wireless charging, but includes support for 45W fast charging, but you have to buy this separately.

In Brief

Yes, to sum up, this tablet, which Samsung calls Galaxy Tab S7+, is a really a good device. Refining its use of laptops and tablets, Samsung has created a structure that can meet the needs of a laptop with a flat tablet and a platform that can be used for drawing with the S Pen, as well as a keyboard apparatus and DeX solution. We can clearly say that it is a tablet that will give pleasure in every sense. Yes, it would be great if the battery life was better, but when we look at it, it does not offer short time.