Inca, one of the brands followed by the players especially with the important accessories it prepared for the player category, was our guest with the first Empousa keyboard before. This time, we have the Empousa II RGB mechanical gaming keyboard, the last member of the Empousa series.

Design of the Inca Empousa II IKG-451

Empousa II, which will be a nice option for those who are looking for a mechanical gaming keyboard, is a very new model that uses Brown switches and comes with RGB lighting support. In Empousa II, which looks beautiful with its design, RGB lighting spreads to the keys on the keyboard, while the difference is made by the light strips on the upper and lower edges of the keyboard.

Of course, you can change the RGB lighting on the keys. The keyboard, which can be illuminated in diverse ways with 6 different LED modes and 19 different lighting effects, also includes a wrist support. However, this wrist support is not padded, it is made of flat plastic material. By the way, this wrist support is very solid because you can fix it by attaching it to the keyboard with the screws that come out of the box.

You can use Empousa II right out of the box. The keyboard connected via USB does not require any software to be installed, you can start using it quickly. By the way, let’s say that there is a nice brush in the box; It is gratifying that it is thought to be able to easily clean between and under the keys. The keyboard, which uses a 1.8-meter mesh cable, thus offers sufficient distance.

Features of Inca Empousa II IKG-451

Now let’s get to the performance of Empouse II. As we said, Inca used Brown keys on this keyboard. The switches used are remarkably close in use to Cherry MX Brown. With a maximum working weight of 60 grams, an activation point of 2.1 mm, the total travel distance of these keys is also 3.9 mm. With these values, the keyboard, which we can say is suitable for games with its performance, may not be preferred especially for typing because of its sensitive nature. But we also used this keyboard while writing our articles, and we even penned the text of this review in Empousa II.

Of course, you need to get used to writing, but afterwards you will not have any problems and you will be able to use it serially. In addition, the presence of a numeric keypad is also an advantage. While we were writing, we had the most challenging time getting used to the Enter key. This key, which is located just above the shift key, in a smaller shape, may also force you.

Finally, I have to say that Brown switches are quieter compared to Blue Switches. This is a matter of preference, of course, as some prefer typewriter types for mechanical keyboards, while others prefer quieter ones. Our preference is the quieter ones.

In Brief

As a result, Inca Empousa II is generally a particularly good keyboard. The Empousa II, which will easily meet the expectations of the players for high performance with its mechanical structure, on the other hand, comes in a good balance compared to the rival models with its price.