The Xiaomi Mi 10 model is the company’s flagship this year. Xiaomi, which raises the level in terms of both design and hardware features in its flagship models every year, is coming to the consumer with its ambitious features with its new model, which also adds 5G support this year.

So, what does the Xiaomi Mi 10 model offer us? If you want, let’s list the points where the phone stands out.

Striking design details

When we examine the appearance and the quality of the phone, there are many points that attract attention. Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 glass technology in front and back, the phone manages to give a premium feel with metal material on the side frames.

The curved screen on the front is combined with the 89.8% screen-to-body ratio captured with the dot notch design, creating an eye-catching design. While the fingerprint sensor is located under the screen, another important detail on the design side is the stereo speaker. Because, although there are still mono speakers on many high-end phones today, Xiaomi has made the right decision by attaching importance to users’ reviews at this point.

Hello 90 Hz with Xiaomi Mi 10 5G!

The 6.67-inch Super AMOLED display on the phone offers a refresh rate of 90 Hz this time. Until now, we have seen a refresh rate of 60 Hz on smartphone screens. Increasing it to 90 Hz creates a much smoother image in screen transitions, applications and games while using the phone. In addition, thanks to the Super AMOLED display, which has a much better efficiency, we can always benefit from the open display feature. Finally, it should be noted that HDR10+ is available and the display can also reach a very high brightness level like 850 nits.

108 MP camera with 8K video capability!

The main camera of the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G model, which comes with a total of 4 rear camera systems, is a 108 MP sensor with 8K video capability. The main camera using the Bright S5KHMX Isocell sensor also includes OIS support. In this way, you can achieve much more stable results in both photography and video shooting. When we look at the auxiliary cameras of the phone, 13 MP ultra-wide-angle, 2 MP macro and 2 MP depth sensor are listed. We should also mention that there is a 20 MP selfie camera in the front.

Performance, Battery, and Connection

The Xiaomi Mi 10 is powered by Snapdragon 865, the most powerful processor currently produced by Qualcomm. This processor is accompanied by very high-capacity hardware components such as 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. As such, we can use the full performance monster term for the Xiaomi Mi 10 along with the display that offers a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

With the 5G support we said at the beginning of the article on the port, the latest wireless network technology Wi-Fi 6 is also supported. Finally, the device has a battery capacity that promises a long lifetime of 4780 mAh. The device supports 30W fast charging both wired and wireless. So, you can get rid of the cables but still quickly charge your device.