Superhero movies are shot with special effects that will fascinate almost every person. These effects are made so realistic that you can even believe that they are real while watching the movie. Even laser balls fired from a person’s hand may seem natural to you.

CGI, which first appeared in 1973 with the introduction of simple 2D graphics, was further enhanced as the hardware levels of computers increased, and in 2001 the first artificial intelligence animated CGI scene was seen in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings.

So how do these amazing effects come from? I’m sure it’s a matter of concern. These effects are laborious and demanding scenes that will be a work of art. So much so, even though computers do most of the work, players and the technical team creates a high amount of workload.

CGI is expressed as Computer generated Imagery. It is a more advanced version of the system which has been called the green screen. Generally we can say the image created with the computer. This technology is so great for movies that almost all films are used today.

If we can watch the Hulk, Iron Man, Godzilla, and millions of other things in near perfect perfection in the cinema today, we owe it to the enormous improvement in the CGI. CGI technology reduces film costs.

The CGI effect visuals made by scanning the faces of the actors have recently come to the forefront in the game world. Characters made with CGI are made one step closer to reality every day. However, experts still believe that CGI cannot reflect enough reality into the world of games and film. CGI technology is said to be unable to bring the naturalness of human skin to a virtual environment.

The structure of human skin seems to be very difficult to achieve because of its flexible structure. The versatility of the skin in the computer environment is not fully reflected. In addition, according to the stretching movement of human skin, there is a change in skin color and brightness. However, it is said that this event will be solved in a short time and we will have unimaginably realistic effects.

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