Solar energy is one of the most important energy sources of the future. It is becoming a common method in the fields. A new solution has been developed for the maintenance of solar panels spread a wide area: Drones.

Solar energy is undoubtedly the most important source of energy in the future. This technology was used as a source of alternative energy generation in many different areas. It has been also used frequently in the fields that spread to large areas. This new method brings many advantages, but their care is also so difficult.  With a newly developed solution, solar energy  panels can now be easily monitored by drones.

There are many panels in the fields where solar panels are used. So, the issue of maintenance was one of the biggest disadvantages. When a problem occurred, the technicians were very much lost in terms of both time and effort to make and analyze one by one. By realizing this lack, two investors, who have turned it into an opportunity and they  have established a company called Raptor Maps. The company created a system for controlling solar panels with drones with HD thermal camera. Thanks to the software for analyzing the images from the drones, the new method of Raptor Maps, which allows you to examine each cell to the smallest detail, not only identifies the problem.  But it can also generate the estimated price for the solution.

With the data they acquire,  company officials can predict whether the problem is mechanical or electronic, how many panels are affected and how much power loss may be. As a result, a cost account table can presented. The company’s work is receiving very positive reactions from the people involved in the sector. The founders of the company has expressed that the investors in this area to be moved to the middle of the absence of a large deficiency. They are aiming to make their methods more widespread and active in many countries.