Graphene is the most favorite industrial items in the last years. There is a disadvantage of graphene. Moisture.  A newly discovered method saves the substance from this weakness. It makes it suitable for use in important productions.

Water molecules have a structure that disrupts the functions of electrical circuits. The structure formed by the combination of carbon atoms called graphene, contact with water molecules distorts the electrical resistance of the substance. According to the studies made by European scientists, this two-dimensional formation is not affected by moisture if it is integrated into a metal circuit. Thanks to this new discovery, it is expect to develop much more cost-effective sensors.

Graphene has a two-dimensional structure. Because of this feature, it is known as a highly conductive substance. It seems possible to be use in the construction of highly sensitive sensors.  It must be integrate in accordance with electrical circuits, in order to be use much more effectively and cost-effective in the coming years. There is a problem that the water molecules cause a change in the structure of the substance.

Not only water molecules, all kinds of moisture-containing environment, reduces the resistance of the carbon atom to electricity. This disrupting the sensitivity of the sensors. Causing false alarms.

Swedish scientists have conducted studies on this substance, which may be the core of sensor technologies. As a result of the researches, they discovere that when the Graphene integrate into the metal electrical circuit, it is not affect by the humidilium. Researchers say this invention is a great discovery for sensor designers. In this way, they have indicated that low-cost sensors can be capable of measuring many different factors, from greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to carbon dioxide.