It is wondered Apple’s 2019 iPhone family. The family coming with a lot of information is on the agenda this time with a concept bringing iPhone XI model with iPhone SE design.

According to the news released last week, the 2019 iPhone family consist of three different models like in 2018. They are said to be 6.5 inch OLED-screened iPhone Xı Max, 5.8 inch OLED screened iPhone x and 6.1 inch OLED screened iPhone XR (2019).

The concept of these models prepared for the normal iPhone XI brings the phone with an iPhone SE style angular design. As you know the company, prefering a similar structure on new iPad Pro models is said new phones can do this transformation. The concept that is prepared quite good is built on fingerprint sensor. However, the model having the Face ID takes its power from the A13 bionic drawer.  The concept, making the Product (red) red a standard colour, carries a triple camera behind it (it can only be on the MAX model) and talks about a very fast WiFi connection.

Apple Is Not Expected With Huge Innovation for Iphone XI

There are rumours that the family will support the Wi Fi 6 standard, behind this fast Wi Fi connection. By this means the phones’, which we use, connection speed will increase %40 compared to the Wi Fi 5 and they will based on IEEE 802.11ax technology. It is among the new information that the 2019 family will provide 5g connection support. The company is said to receive a 5g modem from MediaTek and Samsung for this.