Taking place in the HDM Global one of the cheapest models of Nokia the Nokia 2 is on the agenda with both good and bad update.

Nokia 2 has come with Android Nougat from its box. Here is the update for Android Oreo (Not for Pie) on the way. However, according to Juho Sarvikas from HMD Global the Oreo operating system needs more power than nougat. That’s why the firm indicates to give people choice.

According to this Nokia owners either stay at Nougat or pass to the Oreo and reach new features despite a loss of performance. The company offering both of these features for users has a really interesting step. Juho Sarvikas also states that they are collaborators with both Google and Qualcomm on this issue.

Nokia 2 with Its Technical Details

LTE feature for high speed internet connection is available on the phone taking its power from the Snapdragon 212 drawer working at Qualcomm’s 1, 2 GHz speed. The Nokia 2 accompanied by only 1GB of RAM at the entry level processor comes with a 720p resolution 5 inch display. At the rear of 8 megapixels, the front part of the smart phone with a choice of 5 megapixel cameras, which is housed in the 4,100 mAh capacity battery, is about 2 days of use. The smart phone with 3.5 mm headphone jack does not carry a fingerprint sensor. The sales price of the phone in Europe is 99 euro