In 2019, some Android phone manufacturers will try 5g technology on their top segment phones. Apple will wait for 2020 for this technology. What is more attractive for those who want to buy a flagship device in 2019?

The 5g, which is thought to survive the Internet, will come to Android devices before iphones. Apple is a company that expects to be matured before moving such innovations to their devices. Maybe it is one of the ways Apple products maintain quality. The company had waited a year to move 4g LTE to its devices in 2011.This time, it will wait for 2020 unlike companies such as Samsung,  OnePlus and Huawei.

Apple is not in a position to jump on the 5g train, even if he wants it now. Because the company works with two different chip manufacturers on their phones: Intel ve Qualcomm. As those who follow the news of technology, the relationship of Qualcomm with Apple is not good in recent years. Both companies are suing each other. It is a little different on the Intel side. There are no 5G modems in the hands of the company for now.

So, does it make more logical for users to choose Android devices with 5g technology or stay in 4G LTE option?

5g Android phone discussion

The biggest innovation that 5g technology has to promise on mobile devices is high, multi-gigabit speed for 4k videos. 4g LTE was defined as the age of mobile video. It will probably continue to trend for a while  longer. As the speed of 5G technology will gradually increase, the first users will not be able to achieve these multi-gigabit speeds.

5g users will have a continuity in network development. The lower speed will be more efficient than 4g LTE, even if users cannot get the highest speed. It doesn’t count as a big improvement right now.  But this will show the long-term effect more clearly.

2019 Model iphones without 5g

IPhone devices are not as effective as Android phones about wireless internet. It is even known that the company has slowed this speed to maintain consistency between the Intel and Qualcomm types used in past Iphone models. Of course, this is not very important for an average iPhone user, because this speed is quite adequate for functions such as social media use or video calling.

There may also be different advantages to using a 2019 model IPhone that does not have 5g. Considering the area of modems and antennas specifically required for 5g technology, we can say that the 2019 model of iphones will be thinner than the flagship Android devices with 5g. 5g technology will be able to finish the battery more quickly.

Well, should it be taken or not?

If you receive phones with 5g technology that will be released in 2019, you will probably not be able to reach the high speeds you dream of this year. If you want to buy an IPhone 2019 with 4g LTE technology, you’ll probably pay the same money as your flagship Android devices.

So, for those who want to get the top segment phone in 2019, the answer to this question is hidden when they want it.

Android devices with 5g technology are currently the only options if they want to adapt to new technology and try it immediately.