Everyone has not access to technology easily. For now,  only 50% of the current world population is online. There is not access to the Internet everyone who lives on Earth. The internet is like an organ of most people now. It is still unable to serve all human. How can we solve this problem, connect everyone to the Internet?

IEEE recommends that private companies be extremely sensitive about this regard. The Institute emphasizes that both social business networks and global social groups are very important to be online on the Internet. It leads the sector to ensure that all humanity has access to the Internet.

IEEE’s suggestions for solving the Internet access problem of humanity are as follows:

  1. To Show that there is a large social work area.

2. Creating funds that private companies can do works in this area.

3. Specifically, to ensure that the needs of local groups are resolved in the Internet area.

4. To Create equality in representation and to ensure  even small communities express themselves better.

Not only private companies, but there are also duty fall to public institutions

Public institutions are carrying out some work to eliminate the inequality of opportunities in Internet access. Internet access is provided especially in the library and public transport. It is supported by more people online. Of course, these services cannot be given in all countries, cities and public institutions. The IEEE report shows the FATIH project in Turkey as one of the exemplary projects in this topic.