New feature of Netflix makes sharing the series that you already watched or planning to watch on Instagram story just by a click.

With Netflix’s new feature, it is easy to share the content within the platform. This feature, which the platform originally launched for IOS users, consists of a bridge between Netflix and Instagram. The platform, which is not silent to the desire to share the series and movies that users frequently watch in the Instagram stories feature, makes it possible to do this effortlessly with one touch. Let us remind you that the application should be in the most current version before using this feature.

How to Do?

To use the feature first you need to enter the profile of the directory you are watching or planning to watch from within Netflix’s app. The movie’s profile page contains the “share” option directly above the list of chapters. If you click Share and then select the Instagram stories option in the pop-up panel, Netflix automatically redirects you to Instagram. Here comes a poster set specifically for the series or movie that you selected. From this point on, you can comment on the content, make surveys that ask your followers how much they like it, and then use all the story features that Instagram offers. Unfortunately, the shared story is not given a direct link to Netflix. This means that the user cannot access the page in the online service by clicking on the story. A double-sided conversion could be much nicer for the property.

It is expected the update to be available to download for Android users as well as with the same usage steps.