Google is updating the Call Screen feature, which causes complexity on Pixel devices.

When Google  announced the Call Screen feature for Pixel devices, many users did not understand exactly what it was, how to use it or its functionality. The company will resolve this complexity with its new software update.

The special Call Screen feature of Google’s pixel phones was first introduced with Pixel 3. But a few weeks later the same feature was introduced to older Pixel devices with an update. While some users find this feature useful, the majority thought it was used in voice messages and shutting down. Call Screen is a feature that will briefly remove the transcript of your conversations.

Although Google’s transcription feature usually works correctly, it doesn’t always work at 100% efficiency. In particular, it was having trouble with conversations outside of English.

 If you press any of the volume on/off buttons while in Call sreen, you can transfer the conversation to your headset at that time. Many Pixel users also seem to have this feature. Some users in the Reddid Pixel subreddit said that this feature is not active.

According to information from XDA Developer, similar functionality can come with a software button. In fact, it is said that it can happen even in the software version right now. If this update comes in, it will reduce the complexity  created by the volume on/off switch.