The battery and charge problem seems to be history soon. The Canadian technology company CVMR thanks to the new battery technology developed produced a magnesium based rechargeable battery that stores up to 5 times more energy than lithium batteries.

 CVMR researchers managed to produce a rechargeable magnesium battery using high-efficiency solid electrolyte instead of the liquid electrolyte used in lithium batteries thanks to the battery technology they developed. CVMR’s researchers indicated that vanadium, manganese and transition metals are the most suitable cathode for magnesium batteries.

Announcement about Battery Technology

The Chairman and CEO of CVMR said that “The main advantage of magnesium based batteries is being  possible to store up to 5 times more energy than lithium batteries of the same size.’’ Besides, he said, ‘’we have four patent applications pending at the American Patent Institute for this new invention.’’

He also said, ‘’ we aim to commercialize new batteries in the next 2 years. Having more energy for smaller batteries compared to lithium batteries will accelerate the rapid proliferation of electric vehicles. We expect the actual markets of magnesium rechargeable batteries to be in all locations where electric cars can be produced, especially North America, European Union countries, China and India.’’