Every day we get a little closer to 5g. And we hear news about 5g every day. One of these news is about 5g modem chips, which determine how we use 5g technology.

The 3 major brands have 5g technology in hand. But, all smartphone manufacturers are in a hurry to buy 5G patents. Huawei was the one that took it forward a level. Huawei uses their own Kirin chips as a processor on their phones. After their statements, now,  we know that they will use their Balong 5000 5g modem chip. Despite these explanations made by Huawei, the 5g modem chip market will dominate major brands such as Intel, MediaTek and Qualcomm.

It is not too difficult to produce 5g modem chips for big brands like Samsung or Apple. The reason for this is that some of the chips produced are more complex than the 5g modem chips, but they may prefer to wait and see. Ultimately, it requires a specific research and development process and after-sales support.

Some unnamed sources “Major brands such as Qualcomm, Intel and MediaTek are three brands that will take part in the first time of 5g” used the phrase. The report also said,  Apple would use the Intel or MediaTek company’s 5g modem chips. It is believed that Apple will not work with the company because of its case with Qualcomm.

MediaTek Company is a Taiwanese integrated circuit manufacturer.It has high growth potential. In general, the price/performance curve in the chips to the ceiling of the 5g is the important position to stabilize.