Bone conduction technology gradually began to take locate in the market. The most used in bone conduction technology is the headphones.

The sound acts as a pressure wave in the air. The sounds we hear differently are the change of the power and frequency of the sound. When the sound wave hits our eardrums, it causes tremors. The cochlea (ear snail) sends these vibrations to the brain by making them meaningful  and hearing occurs.

Today’s classic wired or wireless headsets work according to the principle described above. The tiny speakers in the headset produce sound waves. And hearing is occur according to the principle we just explained. In fact, all speakers produce sound waves in this way.

The basics of bone conduction headphones are based on the military and health sector. It vibrates the bones on your cheek or upper jaw. Then,it  sends the voice directly to the inner ear.  Such headphones do not need your eardrums to give sound. This may be ideal for people with hearing impairments. You will also be able to hear what is going on around you because you’re not wearing your ear.

Bone conduction headphones are struggling to produce a sound that is close to reality as they are designed. But the sound quality may not always be the most important feature of a headset. Maybe it is not right to say it sounds bad. Because we are not used to hearing other voices with bone conduction except our own voice.