The Radio Jet waves from the largest black hole in our Galaxy are coming towards the Earth.

Sagittarius A is the most biggest black hole in the center of our Galaxy.  Sagittarius A has been found to be spreading waves called the radio jet, which is literally coming toward Earth. Radio signals and X-ray rays are found in these waves. It is not expected to create any danger.

The black holes are known to absorb everything around them. Therefore, black holes are not expected to emit any wave of light, but some of these black holes can be detected by the radio signals they send. The black hole called Sagittarius A, which was estimated to be in the middle of our galaxy, was also detected through these signals. The latest data revealed that the X-Ray and radio waves were spreading from this mysterious formation to the Earth.

According to remarks by the Observatory in Chile, when large-scale gas formations begin to spin rapidly, black holes emit waves of this type of radio jet. Normally, astronomers use these gas formations to determine the black holes. Known as Sagittarius A, the black hole is located at the very heart of the Milky Way galaxy. It is continuously watched by astronomers. Recently, the formation and velocity of gas formed around this formation has become quite noticeable. Astronomers who have done studies and calculations on the subject said that the black hole is severely spreading radio jet waves. And that these waves are moving precisely toward Earth.

The experts who explain the issue, said that these waves are not the kind of damage to the Earth, do not need to fear. From a scientific standpoint, he added that the data to be obtained could be of great importance for the discovery of black holes.