Reports from people who use instances in the development phase says Huawei the P30 will have a redesigned front face.

The P30 series will be the newest flagship of Huawei. Both models of the P30 series will come with OLED screens according to the resulting reports. If you remember, OLED was used in the Pro model of the P20 series. The standard model had an LCD display.

The reason for the full OLED display is the future of the fingerprint user embedded in the screen. The fingerprint will be moved to the screen, which will remove the necessity for the 3d face scanner. So, the notch at the top will also be small. We’re waiting for an eye drop notch on new phones.

P30 will have a display of 6.1 inch, P30 Pro is a 6.5-inch screen is said to be the future. The triple installation used on the Mate 20 Pro on the camera side of P30 will still be in the way. The Huawei P30 Pro will probably use a new camera system where optical zoom is better.

There will be also Kirin 980 processor in the both phone. Standard model will be 8 GB. The Pro model is almost certainly the future of 12 GB of RAM.