Google has put Digital Balance app into use for the devices having Android 9.0 update. However, there is a second alternative for the users who don’t have Android 9.0 update on their devices: ActionDash.

Google has also announced Digital Balance the app for reducing smart phone use together with Android 9.0. If this application isn’t arranged to interface with the Android 9.0 update, you will have to download the app from Play Store. After that, the application will take its place on settings menu. However, as we mentioned before the devices which don’t have AndroidPie update can’t use that feature. Developed by Action Launcher the ActionDash app is aiming other Android users to benefit from that feature as well.

Android 9.0 Feature for Old Devices

The application that all users on the Android 5.0 and above system can download let you to view which apps you have spared time on your phone. How often you use Instagram, how many notifications you take on WhatsApp, daily and weekly using time and even more are listed on the app. The app which is also offering dark theme option, is aiming users to reduce user’s smart phone dependency to a little bit. We should also indicate that ActionDash lacks some of the advanced features that Digital Balance has to offer.