The immune system of Android phones is a little weaker than Apple phones. A programmer who detects these weaknesses has prepared a malicious software that is very difficult to detect.

A notorious malware named Anubis has been hidden in several apps on the Google Play Store. It developed a number of methods not to be found. Let us also inform you that Google has found and cleaned these applications before proceeding with the original news.

Applications with malware, a simple battery saving and a setup conversion application. Before uninstalling Google apps, apps downloaded 5000 times and received up to 70 comments.

Harmful software is virtually no effort to remain confidential. It expects the motion sensor to be activated to run its codes. Let’s answer for our readers who say what happens when the phone activates the motion sensor. Malware detectors that detect malware create a virtual Android environment and run the application in that environment and checks whether the malware is doing anything. Malware developer has detected that the virtual Android environment does not trigger the motion sensor. When the motion sensor is activated, it starts to run malware codes.

How does Anubis malware damage your phone?

Other malicious software has a bad habit of looking at your screen. But Anubis works directly as a keylogger. So it can copy everything you write and take a screenshot. We have no doubt that Anubis, who is currently actively working in 93 countries, is a huge database. Considering that we know that Anubis especially likes its bank information, it may have created a database of billions of dollars.

What we always say and keep saying: Be careful what you download and think again before you download anything.