From trusted sources, Digitimes has speculated about Apple’s upcoming products this year. The Digitimes entry-level new iPad, iPad mini 5, claims to be introduced in the first quarter of this year. IPad Mini 5 Winks Especially for those who prefer to buy small tablets.

The source says the iPad will come with a 10-inch entry level instead of a 9.7-inch model. Although the Tablet is developed for entry level, it is said to be compatible with Apple Pencil 2. The availability of finer-screen frames is also highly probable. IPad Mini 5’s rear microphone has been moved to the middle of the device. IPad Mini 5 ‘s rear camera will also support the Flash. Thanks to the flash support, the camera will also provide users with low light conditions. Although it’s hard to say for sure at the moment, IPad Mini 5 is also expected to have a headphone jack. IPad Mini 5, which is expected to be introduced in the first quarter of next year, is claimed to be offered for sale from 300. On IPad Mini 5, face recognition technology is not expected to be included in the face ID. It is known as face identification System, iPhone xs, iPhone xs Max, iPhone XR and new iPad Pro models. We look forward to iPad mini 5 as much as you do.