The wireless charger airpower, which was introduced long ago by the technology giant Apple, has not been sold in 2018. The output is really important for the device that returned to the snake story.

To remember, airpower, a wireless charging unit, can wirelessly charge three different devices at the same time thanks to its large structure. The product, which is quite important for the future of the company’s wireless, is expected for a very long time. The technology giant, who never talks about this product, is unable to offer the charger for sale. As we have heard before, the device will be sold with a price tag of 149, which has been in the midst of problems that have not been vaccinated for weeks, comes up with news. The product is very hot when charging three devices at the same time, the consumer cannot meet because this problem cannot be solved. But the information that comes up is that everything’s going to be okay. According to robust sources, Luxshare Precision has begun mass production of the product. The company, which also manufactures AirPods, is working at a great pace for the new model. In addition, it is among the information that Pegatron has started mass production for airpower, one of the companies that made Apple production.

What Devices is Apple Airpower Compatible with?

As far as we know, the device will be compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, iPhone xs, iPhone xs Max, iPhone XR and the new AirPods model that will be introduced soon. The device is expected to officially replace the shelves next month.