WhatsApp chats can occasionally cause the creation of a stack of photos and videos that occupy unnecessary space on the phone. However, it is possible to turn off the downloading of content automatically.

WhatsApp comes at the beginning of the most popular applications we use to message on smart phones that we don’t lose during the day. The application can be used not only to write messages, but also to send audio files, photos and videos. However, if you are an active user, automatic loading of these sent media content may occasionally cause problems. You can prevent the content from appearing on the chat screen as long as you don’t want it, but also keep the phone’s gallery cleaner by preventing them from being saved in your gallery.

Turning off WhatsApp Automatic Download

To turn off automatic downloads, in the app, you can choose which content you want to turn off automatic downloads from the data and storage usage steps. If you select “Never” by clicking on the content that is divided into four main categories, including photos, audio, videos, and documents, the content will not be downloaded unless you want to. You can also set the auto download to download only when connected to Wi-Fi. You can then access the content with automatic download without spending cellular data.

To prevent content from being saved in the device gallery, you can still set it up from within the app on IOS. You need to follow the steps to save the movie roll. If you turn this feature off, you can view the incoming photos and videos without saving them to your phone’s gallery. If Android device users are set up, the media visibility should remove the “Show Media in Gallery” option under the title.