According to a New Research, The Secret of Long Living Is Communicating.

According to a recent study, elderly individuals who are in a strong social life with friends and relatives live a healthier life.

According to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Scientists at University College London have conducted a study to determine the social factors affecting the life span and the aging process.

Within the study, researchers covered the lives of 7304 people aged 50 years and over from different genders for four years. As a result of the research, it was revealed that the participants were healthier than those who gave more attention to communication with their friends and relatives.

According to the study, 73% of individuals who are better than other participants meet with friends at least once a week, visiting the gym, museum, theatre or religious institutions and social activities with friends or relatives .

Researchers who interpret the results of the study, the elderly people who sustain active life better understand the meaning and importance of life, and this situation is positively affecting their health, they said. Individuals who live a more inhuman life are relatively unhealthy as they experience a collapse in themselves.