Having mentioned his name every year with the games he has released, Ubisoft has agreed to offer his games for sale through the Epic Games store. As part of this agreement, the first game to be presented to players at Epic’s online gaming store will be the Division 2, where millions are eagerly waiting. 
On the occasion of the cooperation of the two companies, players will be able to pre-order the standard, Gold and Ultimate PC versions of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 from epicgames.com today. Players who purchase the game pre-order will soon have the chance to see the game before anyone in the closed beta process. Epic Games and Ubisoft are essential components of uplay and Epic Games’s online services to enable players who use the platforms of both companies to interact socially and collaborate with both platforms It will also work to integrate. 

Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, said that the two companies were working on the co-operation: “As Ubisoft’s big fans and long time partners, we are thrilled to be bringing Ubisoft’s many great games to the Epic Games store. We aim to provide developers with a publisher-friendly store, direct access to customers, and 88% revenue share to give them more investment to produce great games. “

The Division 2, released on March 15th, will be the first game to be sold through the Epic Games store in collaboration between Ubisoft and Epic Games, while other Ubisoft games will be in the Epic Games store in 2019.