The most desirable features for the Android operating system include dark interface mode. Here’s a nice feature in the upcoming version of Android Q special.

Most of the current smart phone models include OLED displays. On OLED screens, you know that each pixel can be controlled individually and can be obtained from energy wasted black. That’s why people want the Black interface themes for smart phones. It’s the application developers who are providing it but people want it across the process interface. There’s a significant improvement in that. As it turns out, the Android Q operating system comes with a system-wide dark interface. This structure, which will make the entire operating system built-in darker, is called to present the built-in applications to its users as dark. This new structure is said to be introduced under Google I/O 2019, while this infrastructure means virtually no energy being spent walking through the menus. This naturally positively affects overall battery life.

What Innovations Did Google Bring with Android P?

To remember, the new version includes a feature/limitation that will prevent background applications from accessing the camera. Today, some harmful applications can send photos and videos to the Internet without even realizing you. Android P is preventing apps from doing this kind of unannounced work. In addition, the operating system is taking a step for the notch phones. Google integrates these notches with cameras and sensors into the devices in better software. These hardware protrusions also change the overall software experience. The company, which is said to be trying to optimize it, seems to be less noticeable in software with Android P.