The spacecraft New Horizons, developed by the American Aerospace and Aerospace agency NASA, recently reached Ultima Thule, signing a historic success. Now it’s the sharpest photo from the most distant space discovered.

The American Aerospace and aviation agency, NASA’s spacecraft New Horizons, recently wrote history and made a low flight from the celestial body, Ultima Thule, located in the Kuiper Belt, the furthest point of the solar system. After a low flight from Earth, the clearest photo for Ultima Thule was also published. Ultima Thule, resembling a snowman at first glance, is composed of a single piece that has been struck by two, not billions of years before the movement in orbit very close as predicted. It is said that the photo was taken 30 minutes before the nearest passage (from 27 thousand kilometers), while Thule was brown in red. It is also stated that the celestial body is 30 km long.

Thanks To NASA New Horizons Ultima Thule Is Here

All photos taken at Ultima Thule, 6.4 billion kilometres away from the world, are going to take 20 months to get back here. As the excitement increases for more detailed visuals, Thule once again shows how far the human’s boundaries have exceeded.