Security and privacy on smart phones are becoming more important every day. We don’t want everyone messing with our devices that are hosting a large part of our private lives at any time. That’s why we try to keep phones out of prying eyes with safeguards like code and patterns.

While the password and pattern have preserved the phone screens for many years, we now want to be much faster on everything. Fingerprint technology also creates a secure lock, but Mate 20 Pro recognizes you from your face, not only in this aspect but also with the 3d depth detection camera.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro imitates your face!

With the 3d depth sensing camera, the Mate 20 Pro can perfectly digitize your face. This camera reflects more than 3000 points and is becoming a convenient solution for your phone lock. This complete detection allows you to unlock your phone in just half a second with your face.

Moreover, the single use of this technology is not limited to unlocking the phone. You can use face recognition in your locked apps and on custom displays of your personal data. The 3d camera can only be used to create emoji, scan objects as facial recognition.

Using the 3d Qmoji feature, you can create live emoticons and easily share them with your loved ones. In this episode, where you have fun live emoji, you can record short videos and enjoy the advantages of the AR camera.