Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Game shared a new brief introduction. Apparently, there are no driverless vacuums circulating around us.

The developers of Pokemon GO came up with a new trailer from the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, where Niantic Labs plans to take off this year. As you know, the output of the game was unfortunately postponed to next year. Just like Pokemon GO, in this game where we can play in an interactive way with the real world, we are expected to solve the mysteries and make plenty of magic. At least that’s what the player expects. Recently, a new video was shared from the game’s Twitter account. There is another mystery in the video. The vacuums without motor that roam around us are dragging the city into chaos.

Harry Potter: When Will the Wizards Unit Be Released?

We can observe that the empty broom that we saw in Sydney flew 240 miles per hour. Then, a picture of the brooms comes to the screen and probably what the player should do with arrows. Since the stray Nimbus cannot be allowed to roam the Muggle world, it is obvious that this is one of the tasks given to the player. It appears that we are in the game and we are doing some of the same tasks.

You can perform pre-registration from the official site of the game. Harry Potter: A clear release date for the Wizards Unite is unfortunately not yet explained. Currently, only 2019 is used. It is also possible to publish progressively in countries like the Pokemon GO game.