The science world is now talking about the spacecraft New Horizons, developed by NASA, to reach Ultima Thule. However, a historical space success has been signed. China has landed on the dark side of the moon with Chang-4 spacecraft.

In recent years, China has been a historical principle, giving space exploration more prominent than ever before. He was able to seamlessly download Chang-4’s unmanned spacecraft to the dark surface of the moon. The dark side of the moon, doesn’t look from Earth. However, the episode, which has been acquired by the images obtained from the spacecraft, is now hosting the Chinese-signed Chang-4 spacecraft. The vehicle, which can be contacted through a satellite previously sent to the back of the moon, is now located at Aitken, the moon’s South Pole, as far as it is told. It will probaby collect a lot of data from Aitken. A crater with a depth of 13 km in the spacecraft, which will begin to investigate this region for the first time in human history. In addition, the moon’s dark face does not have radio waves from Earth. In this sense, it will be very easy to investigate the cosmic radio waves emitted by Chang-4 and elsewhere in the universe.

First visual from the vehicle

China Landed on the Moon with Chang-4 Wrote History

The task, which obtain very important data about the formation of the moon, has so far been a gigantic example of success. China’s largest space achievement in the face of the United States and Russia, as well as the development of much new information is pregnant.