We have just run out of 2018 which was years of the great games. With the data announced by Steam, the best-selling games of the year have also been announced. Of course, it is not possible to see Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2 on the list when the owner is Steam.

As you know, PC games are the first platform that comes to mind when it’s Steam. Although the Epic Games Store is preparing for a big competition, the year 2018 seems to have been quite successful for Steam. Regular discounts, the platform’s set-up arrangements and reliability can also be a major factor in this achievement. In the list of best-selling shared games, unfortunately, the sales are not included in the numbers. But in proportionally prepared lists, we see productions that exceed a certain dam. The Platinium games are the best sellers in the category. As the sales figures are not specified, the best-selling game in the year is unclear. So the ranking is not far from the lowest, but alphabetically.

Most Sold Games by Steam Data

• Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

• Civilization VI

• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

• Dota 2

• Far Cry 5

• Grand Theft Auto V

• Monster Hunter: World

• PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

• Rainbow Six

• Siege Rocket League

• The Elder Scrolls Online

• Warframe