Huawei, the rising name of the smart phone world, is generally happy about the update. This time, the order of joy is in Huawei P10 owners.

According to information from the technology giant Company, 2017 flagship Huawei P10 for Android Pie based Emuı 9.0 Update has begun to give global. Originally based in Malaysia, the update, which is approximately 3.4 GB, looks great for owners of phones. Below all the details, the Android Pie based Emui 9.0 gives a fresh breath to the Huawei P10 model and brings many visual/technical changes. The update is expected to emerge in other regions soon. No GPU Turbo technology is included in the release.

Android Pie based Emuı 9.0 offers the following

Emui 9.0 is an intuitive interface and offers a superior user experience that is supported by rich features. The version that is currently in beta is trying to get additional features with the Mate 20 series. You know, mate 20 Pro models come with mate 20 in October. Mate 20 Lite model is already introduced and sold through pre-order. When we look at Emuı 9.0, it is able to launch applications 12.9 percent faster than previous models. For example, the Emui 9.0 is running at 11 percent faster on Spotify, while sharing more than 12 percent faster on Instagram. Combining the high performance of Kirin 980, announced recently, the interface promises a unique user experience for the Mate 20 series.

Dr. Wang Chenglu, head of the company’s Consumer electronics group Software Engineering, said about the new interface: “Today’s smart phones are now becoming suffocating by offering many features to everyday users. Many users have voiced disappointments about the increasingly complex features. In this context, we have decided to develop an emui version that will help consumers experience quality. Emuı 9.0 creates a pleasant, consistent and simple experience. Each change was made to ensure that the new version is an excellent and user-friendly experience, from combining the settings menu, optimizing performance, and new digital prosperity and productivity features. “