Although the Battle Royale plays its mark on the year, it seems that the main competition is happening between PUBG and Fortnite. Who is the head of this rivalry that jumps into smart phones?

The two popular Battle Royale games of the year are PUBG and Fortnite, the most spoken productions of this year at the same time. Mobile gaming front, which makes you feel the dominance of the duo in the “marketing” descriptions of the smart phones even found themselves in the. In this competition of the climate, it is difficult to determine exactly which game is more popular on mobile. Both games can reach approximately 30 million daily active users. On 26 November, 200 million players have reached Fortnite and PUBG has also caught up. Fortnite may have been a little more prominent in this regard, considering the inclusion of new players since November.

“Game of the Year”

Let us also remind you that PUBG is voted game of the Year by Google Play. However, this is not technically a result that resolves popularity. Because Epic Games is not published in Google’s store to download Fortnite through its own site, not from the Play store.

On the other hand, the real statistic that will spot this popularity comes from China. PUBG’s 200 million players are not included in China. When all this is gathered, we think it would be very wrong to think that PUBG left the Fortnite behind for popularity on the mobile gaming front. It is an undeniable fact that both games that are quite amusing have signed the success of the “mobile game” in the Battle Royale category.