The most popular feature of the platform is that the new update offers a solution to one of the most critical issues.

The Instagram stories feature is the most popular feature of the platform. The video portion of this feature that you can share photos or videos with is a bit restrictive. As you know, stories give you the opportunity to capture and share 15-second videos. But with the new update, the scope of this feature is expanding. Yes, it still has 15-second duration, but the platform has made it available for you to shoot long videos without interruption or share videos for more than 15 seconds with a single touch. Before you can use this feature, let’s also record that you need to update if you didn’t update your app before you used it.

How is It Shared?

First, let’s talk about how to take video for more than 15 seconds in Instagram stories. As usual, you have to open the Instagram stories screen. If you press the video recording button to record a video on this screen, its 15 seconds, but you can still shoot without pulling your finger off this button. Formerly, the platform automatically stops the video and goes into the editing phase. Now it makes it possible to make the recording uninterrupted. This eliminates the passion for long recording by continuously restarting the video. You can then type each video separately and apply different filters. However, it is not possible to delete video from the break.

Likewise, if you have previously recorded a video, it is possible to throw it into the stories section. To do this, you don’t need to download a video editing app and divide the video into 15-second sections. Because when you click on the relevant video from the stories section, the platform automatically divides the video into 15 second pieces.

But we noticed that the app was limiting us when uploading a ready-made video. Unfortunately the duration is limited to 60 seconds. So we were able to assign a 15-second video that was divided by a maximum of 4 at one time. On the other hand, let’s say that this time is longer when registering through the app. We did not encounter such a limitation when registering on the Platform.