In 2019, foldable phones will expect to be trending. Avery interesting patent application emerged from the LG front. The smartphone world is preparing for the Mobile World Congress 2019 at full speed.

Many smartphone companies are expected to announce their foldable phones at the Congress which will take place between 25-28 February. This area is expected to be the most innovation.  An interesting patent application came fromthe LG front.

When the foldable phones were first announced, the modular structure was plan to occupy much less space. However, in the process, we can see that these phones evolved into devices that could become a tablet when they are designed with normal sizes. The patent that LG has received seems to be much more appropriate for the first plan.

In the image you can see from the top, we can see that the phone is a collapsible,  not foldable. The thicker of the phone, the cylindrical part of the top will include the device’s memory, motherboard, camera and other equipment. At the bottom you can find alock or a key that will open the mechanism.

The possible future names of the phone are as follows:




Obviously,  this willbe imagined to see the phone or a similar design in the near future. Considering that the Samsung Galaxy F, which has been working on it for years, has come up with a concept design even when it’s brick, we may have to wait for years for this kind of rollable phone.