Epic Games has recently launched its digital gaming store. The company aims to bring the store’s players, developers and content producers together in a way that hasnot been previously made, with the potential to seriously change the gaming sector.

Added First Games

The platform will add a number of developers and games to the catalogue during the2019 Epic, the first game of the store presented to users today. In addition to the game Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek by Hades, A44, developed by the Supergiant Games, ashen and Tinybuild, Epic Games has its own games, ShadowComplex, Unreal Tournament and Fortnite.

In his previous announcement, the platform will be open to games with different game engines, explaining that the company recently announced other games that can be purchased from the store. Accordingly, the following games will be accessibleto users in a short time. In addition, the platform, which currently supportsPC and MAC, will also have Android support in 2019.

•Darksiders III

• Satisfactory

• Outer Wilds

• Rebel Galaxy out Law

• Journey

• Super Meat Boy Forever

• Maneater

• World War Z

• Genesis Alpha One

In addition, the company announced that every two weeks during the 2019 will give players a chance to play a game for free. The first of these Games is free on December 14Subnautica. On 29 December, Super Meat Boy will be available for free to access players. You may be intriguable.